How Musicians Get Their Start

kids getting started in music

Music throughout the ages has inspired every new artist that comes on the scene. They grow up listening to their parents music and start to see what they like and don’t like. After awhile they are able to purchase their own, and build a collection that they will always cherish. That’s when the creative soul starts to dream of being a part of the music they love. If they start early enough the educational system supports this activity through many after school programs. They are given a forum for their craft, and are aligned with other students with the same interest. Many a famous musician started in their school band where they were given the proper guidance.

I think though the more impressive ones are the ones that are self taught. It takes more grit and gusto to stay true to your trade on your own, without the influence of others. Such talented musicians spend hours every day practicing with only themselves for feedback. I am always amazed at the rock star that started playing in coffee shops for free, or worse had to sign up for “pay to play” gigs at local clubs. It takes a certain individual to keep striving for greatness, even when they can’t pay their rent. To them, the music is all that matters. True musicians don’t care if they every make any money. The joy is bringing it to people, and putting a smile on their face.

Elvis Presley-He and his family lived in a run down shack after the great depression. They were later evicted from that shack when his father was put in jail. He worked many difficult jobs; squirreling his money away until he got his big break.

Ringo Starr-He also came from a very poor family who barely scraped by. On top of that he was hospitalized many time with various ailments, and was in a near death coma for 2 months.

Tracy Chapman-Not so an extreme of an example, but she started on the streets singing for strangers. The area she played in required a permit from the city, which she had a tough time getting. She persevered, and the rest is history.

So when you envy a famous musician, just remember that they started somewhere. They had to encompass a dream and bring it into fruition. As you can see from the stars above, that wasn’t an easy task. The level of commitment to their cause, kept them on their chosen path.

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