Return of Folk Music

folk music

There seems to be a new music form emerging on the scene. Well, it’s not actually new, it’s been around for a while, but it’s making a resurgence. It is folk music. Folk music is actually been around for many decades. It’s popularity grew during the beatnick times of the ’50s. Then as the hippie counterculture became more and more popular, folk music began to emerge as a way to convey a social message of change and reform. It really fell in line with the love and freedom vibe that was coming forth throughout that time. People staged love-ins to share ideas and concepts, and the gatherings usually were flavored with various folk tunes. It was a softer and gentler way for music to get a point across.It was also radio friendly, and allowed many stations to play the tunes for a wide audience with very little push back from the community.

And it was generally peaceful in nature. As the 70s came on, more harder forms of rock came forth, and folk music sort of faded back into the back room. In the 90s, coffee shops started coming forward is a new hangout spot. Starbucks emerged out of Seattle and became popular nationwide. More than just a place to get a cup of coffee. Hanging out became a mode of relaxation, and the need for entertainment in these places was seen. Being as it was a public gathering, acoustic guitars and keyboards were the instruments of choice to entertain the java hungry souls.

coffeehouse guitar player

Guitarists started performing for the occupants, while they sucked up on their Joe. Usually the melodies were folk and/or country related. It was soothing music for people to listen to while they enjoy the coffee. This form of music came to be known as coffeehouse. But it has its roots in traditional folk melodies. As coffeehouse music popularity grew, people started creating the music outside of the houses, and the reemergence of folk music was complete. As it is a soothing and peaceful form, it may go back into the shadows over time, but it will never fully go away.

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